Below is a sample of experiences and opinions from our students, the parents of our young learners, our corporate clients, and our teachers.





“Tatiana has selected the teachers for each of my children, considering their different personalities and difficulties. She showed great sensitivity and that has made all the difference.”
Carolina Maluhy, mother of Alec e Gregório.

“How wonderful it is to teach students that like what they are doing and enjoy every minute of the activities proposed. That’s how the Go Talk lessons go: The students learn while playing and the class becomes a moment of enjoyment. The bond between teachers and students is great and the results incredible!”
Natália M. Zveibil, teacher at Go Talk.

“We love the school. The teachers are incredibly professional, but sensitive at the same time. They are committed to the learning process and attentive to the students’ limitations. Francisco did not have any problems with learning, but he was very shy about speaking. The care and understanding of his teachers were crucial to his development into his current stage. Go Talk is worth the cost, especially since they come to our home and we don’t have to worry about how our son will get to class. We are very satisfied!”
Marinela Noronha, mother of Francisco.

“Go Talk has contributed to my development not only as a bilingual person, but also as a human being. The method is intuitive and fun, turning learning into a pleasurable experience.”
Eduardo Piasentini Mora, 16, studied with Go Talk from the age of 2.

“Go Talk is responsible for improving the English levels of twenty of our employees. The teachers have been great and the progress is clear.”
Hélio Carvalho, CEO and partner of FutureBrand; one of Go Talk’s corporate clients.