Go Talk follows the path of the native learner. Through Go Talk’s methodology students form direct connections between all aspects of their environment and the target language, just as children acquiring their native language do. This association building is the key to developing fluency.

Studies conducted by the renowned educators and child development specialists Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky have been crucial to the development of our methodology, and, beyond our continued compelling results, provide a credible basis to our unorthodox approach.

Go Talk’s methodology motivates the students to express themselves in English in a free and spontaneous way, using games, activities and exercises administered by our teachers. This contributes to the acquisition, not only of language itself, but also of social, physical and cognitive skills that are crucial to the broader development of our students in all areas of their lives (cultural, emotional, and intellectual).

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  • Students from 1 to 6 years of age
    • Fun, interactive lessons based on activities and games which allow students to learn English naturally.
    • Focus on the child’s global development, including cognitive, physical, linguistic and behavioural aspects.
    • Lessons given almost completely in English, taking maximum advantage of young children’s natural language acquisition capacity.

  • Students from 7 to 12 years of age
    • Greater incidence of native teachers, who only speak English (depending on the student’s level).
    • Strong focus on inspiration and motivation.
    • Regular English schoolwork support and exam preparation assistance.
    • English reading and writing development.


Teenagers are generally both chasing increasing independence, and beginning to understand the need for learning. During this time of identity discovery we encourage greater autonomy and responsibility, involving the student in the planning process. Our teachers harness the students’ natural energy and focus on engaging them by encountering target language in contexts directly related to their interests and experiences. Teens commit passionately when they are engaged.

• Intense, English only immersive class environment.
• Lessons focused on the student’s academic and/or professional aspirations.
• More sophisticated lesson content, introducing foreign culture and diverse topics.
• Greater study autonomy; contributions towards planning and material selection, and increased responsibility required with extra-curricular language contact.



Intelligent evaluation, strong planning and constant monitoring lead to a focus on the specific communication needs of each individual, which are addressed in the context of their personal interests and professional environment. This is supported by access to internationally recognized qualification standards which further broaden the real life applicability of skills acquired in domestic or international career and academic pursuits.

• Methodology based on the most up to date, and emerging, cognitive development principles for language acquisition.
• Customized plans and classes developed according to the needs of each student.
• Teachers and material selected based on the profile, goals and interests of each student.
• Classes held at the student’s home or office.



English is the fastest spreading language in the world, now spoken by 1 in every 4 people. More than 50% of the content on the internet is in English and and increasing number of multinationals are mandating English as the common corporate language. As a corporation seeking global relevance, or an individual looking for career progress in an ever more international marketplace, English is no longer an option, but a must.

Go Talk offers services designed specifically to meet the needs of companies and business minded individuals from whichever sector, conducting thorough initial evaluations, from which target based development plans are designed, and implemented to guide them towards their goals. With a methodology grounded in psychology and cognitive development, our activity based approach develops real communication abilities. Students must immediately apply what they learn in active tasks, or they run the risk of simply accumulating theoretical information which they are later unable to utilize in real situations.

Our corporate services include:
• Industry specific English programs (eg: IT, finance, law, marketing) guarantee relevance.
• Customized lessons tailored to the company’s communication priorities, enhancing reach and competitiveness in diverse business sectors.
• Consultation for presentation, report, and speech preparation.
• Assessment of the English level of existing employees. Are you considering an individual for an offshore project, but aren’t sure of their bilingual capability? We will evaluate them, and can prepare them for the task.
• Assessment of the English capacity of job applicants. Don’t waste time interviewing candidates that lack bi-lingual skills. Go Talk will evaluate their English and provide a detailed report.



In the modern era, English is a profoundly important language in the academic world and beyond. It is the official language of most international industries such as aviation, computing, tourism, and diplomacy in 59 countries, and the native idiom of many of the worlds most prestigious universities. More than half of all internet content is in English and a large part of the most influential literature and film use this language.

The universal recognition of this significance has elevated the popularity of English language study, and the necessity to acquire this capacity in the most efficient and effective way, to such an extent that having a high standard English program is now essential to remaining competitive in the Brazilian education market.

Even though implementing an effective English program that is attractive to parents and enjoyable for students is vital for market reach and competitiveness, Brazil’s current economic environment demands low cost, easily implementable solutions. Go Talk English collaborates with your existing teaching body to design a custom program that can be administered using your own educators, materials and facilities – with ongoing training sessions, observations and coaching to guarantee the successful uptake of the new system.

Go Talk will:
• Create an English program customized to the didactic needs, and financial reality of your school or college;
• Distinguish your institute from other industry competitors through a high quality English program and impressive student progress;
• Nurture a positive connection with the English language for both students, and non-native teaching staff;
• Prepare your students for external, or future exams as our curriculum is based on the ability menu utilized by Cambridge (CEFR), and covers all 4 language skills; speaking, listening, reading, and writing;
• Promote a collaborative spirit in your work environment;
• Develop the auto-sufficiency of your establishment, with competent internal staff assuming increasing responsibility over time.


ESL/EFL Teachers

 If you are a non-native or native speaking English teacher, Go Talk offers courses developed specifically for you:

• Brush up your classroom English – Become a more confident and effective teacher with this refresher course on class relevant language.
• Methodology – Get to know different teaching techniques and learn how to use the most modern English language acquisition tools.
• Assessment Techniques – Learn how to evaluate with precision; better identifying the communicative qualities your pupils possess and the challenges they face, magnifying your efficacy as you target your approach.