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  • With an innovative methodology that is both cutting edge and grounded in established principles, Go Talk’s approach identifies, and adapts to, the specific needs of each student, achieving phenomenal results.


For the past few decades the brain has been one of the most intensely studied areas of the human body. Relating to language, this research has shown that from birth all of us have the ability to recognize, and later reproduce, sounds vocalized anywhere in the world. This signifies that, with the right approach, we are capable of developing fluency in any language.

As we age our brains prioritize efficiency, and preserve only what are perceived as necessary skills – based on the frequency of their use. As we are generally only exposed to the sounds of our native language, we adjust to our environment – eventually the linguistic flexibility we once had dwindles. This means that the earlier individuals are exposed to a second language the more quickly, and potentially deeply, they are able to acquire it. However, re-tracing the path of a native learner through our revolutionary approach, the adult brain can be taught to open these pathways again, and is also highly capable of efficiently forming new connections and unlocking astounding new skills.


Studies conducted by the renowned educators and cognitive development specialists Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky have been highly influential in the development of our methodology, given the discoveries they made about how children, teens and adults acquire knowledge and develop language skills.

Go Talk’s methodology follows a development cycle:

Evaluation – Goals – Planning – Delivery ∞

This enables us total freedom to target the most relevant communicative abilities, form an intelligent progression of topics, build powerful personalized context in our classes – whether it be for infants or company directors – and then inspire students to interact and apply new knowledge in the moment, expressing themselves in English in a free and spontaneous way, so that fluency is naturally developed.

In support of this we utilize a plethora of high-quality physical materials, acquired in international educational conventions and specialized stores all over the world, and any digital, or other, resource which we can practically access at, or bring to, the class locations.

Language represents culture and permeates every area of life. The social, physical, and cognitive skills that are crucial to the broader development of our students are also naturally developed through the activities and games administered by our teachers.


In a short period of time it will be possible to observe:
• Expanded ability to communicate in the target language;
• Increase in thinking directly in English without translation;
• A deeper understanding of the target language culture;
• Increased positivity towards English and self sustaining motivation;
• Improved academic success and access to internationally recognized qualifications;
• Greater confidence.