Go Talk

  • With a methodology designed to adapt to each student’s profile, Go Talk’s lessons stimulate and encourage English-language learning in a ludic, intuitive and natural way.


Our mission is to contribute to the creation of a united world by the connection of individuals through language.

Language is mankind’s most accessible tool for breaking down communication barriers and opening doors of understanding so people of any race or creed can Go Talk freely without limitations! This spirit drives our vision and permeates our methodology


Go Talk English was founded in São Paulo in 2007 by psychologist Tatiana Buniac as the expression of years of intensive study and experience in the realm of cognitive development, particularly relating to early childhood. The school’s early success specializing in English learners as young as 1 year old, challenged what had previously been considered possible in foreign language education.

The versatility of Go Talk’s new program enhanced the efficacy of its program with existing learners and opened new doors into the adult ESL market – particularly the corporate world.

In 2015 Go Talk looked to have a broader impact on Brazilian education, sharing its discoveries through consulting services to local schools.


Go Talk English is a collaborative institute inviting involvement from students, teachers and the community. Governed by an administrative team and pedagogical body, an informal council hosts strategy meetings, workshops and brainstorming sessions integral to the formation and evolution of the school.

Administration – Headed by the company directors, the strategic unit identifies and reviews the school mission, forming action plans executed via the administrative team who implement, monitor and report back to the directorship.

Pedagogy – Go Talk’s Pedagogical Director establishes the didactic approach in line with the council’s recommendations.

Teaching Body – The careful selection of Go Talk’s teaching staff is highly oriented towards compatibility of profile with the school mission and spirit. Attitude is everything when it comes to the successful formation of a motivated, proficient teaching body. Our teachers are intentionally of varied backgrounds, to facilitate greater profile matching with our students, and to offer a range of English experiences more akin to the diversity of the real world.

These language consultants are organized into tiers of proficiency, governing their level of independence, and eventually their potential inclusion as mentors and franchise partners.

Mentoring Team – This unit, comprised of a skilled team of education experts, guides the realization of our didactic objectives and provides valuable insight into the ‘in class performance’ and development needs of our teaching body. The mentoring team observes classes – providing on the spot coaching, and supplies statistical performance information to our administration ensuring an excellent standard of tuition is being achieved.


About our Teachers

Go Talk has a high calibre stable of proficient teachers from diverse backgrounds. This variety facilitates greater profile matching between teacher and pupil, further enhancing the customizations of our program, and also enriching the classroom environment with a range of native English accents.

Go Talk offers the opportunity to study with top level native English-speaking teachers and highly skilled, fluent Brazilians.

Independently of nationality, all Go Talk teachers:
• Are passionate about education;
• Are proficient in dealing with varied types of students and needs;
• Are completely fluent in English, exhibiting excellent pronunciation;
• Understand the cultural significance of language and encourage the exploration of broader concepts and extracurricular English contact;
• Are regularly trained, observed and coached to update their knowledge and enhance their skill.

About Tatiana

Psychologist Tatiana Buniac, the founder and co-director of Go Talk English (founded 2007), has been an educator in the field of English language since 1991. During many years engaged in pre-school tuition, Buniac optimized her English language acquisition methodology, constantly enhancing her approach to effective student teacher interaction and class delivery for young learners.

Graduated from PUC-SP – specializing in Foreign Language Acquisition and Neuro Science, Buniac has also undertaken training and class observations, and studied Creative Methodology at Oxford and Canterbury Universities, England. Always pursuing professional evolution, Buniac constantly travels to prize winning international schools, and to other countries such as China, Chile, England and New Zealand to observe alternate educational systems adopting the most effective modern practices.

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